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About Me

Yoko ( Yu Jong) Kuo, is licensed in New York state and a Certified Acupuncturist in the National Commission. She has extensive knowledge of traditional and modern approaches to the practice with 4 years training of Physical Therapy in Taiwan (Chung Shan medical University), 5 years of traditional Chinese medicine from Shanghai University, and 2 years residency in Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine.


The philosophy behind Yoko's practice is to treat individuals based on their unique circumstances. Beyond being accredited by the Oriental medicine education of methodology and herbal medicine, Yoko also double majored in Tui-na and Acupuncture. In China, she worked in a fully integrated traditional and modern environment and specialized in women's health issues, infertility, prenatal care, postpartum care.



 Helping you live well,

one step at a time


Why Chinese Medicine?

The NIH has estimated that about 10,000 practitioners treated 1 million patients in 1997, and that number has risen to 3.1 million patients who had at least tried acupuncture in 2006. According to the same survey for 2006, around 17% of adults used natural products such as herbs, and more than one-third of acupuncture patients at large acupuncture clinics received Chinese herb prescriptions at those clinics. 

A Chinese research group has shown that treatment with Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs) can prevent the recurrence of endometriosis and improve the conception rate in women who have undergone surgery for endometriosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is Meridian ?

Meridian(Jing Luo said in Chinese), said the simple point is connecting all the channels in our body. And what is mainly moving inside of channel will be Yang qi . 

Jing , is major road in our body. Luo, is the little branch that connect between the road. JIng and Luo compose a big complex network system that make yang qi can travel all over the body. 

When the Yang qi travels in the meridian, the blood and fluid are also tag along with it. 

Jing and Luo are just like avenue or street, and Yang qi is the car on the street , blood / fluid/ Nutrition/ and toxin waste are just like the passenger or cargo inside of car. And it has its specific order and route needed to be follow. Then , our organ will have good flow of nutrition comes in and waste goes out. If there are any reasons cause blockage, then everything stucks just like we get traffic jam when the traffic light goes wrong.

Jing and Luo

our organs will not get what they suppose to get and also can’t get rid of the waste, eventually the damage will occur. Each Jing has different name and destination, and it names by the internal orang whether Jing starts or ends with. 

Communications between the internal organ are all relied on Jing Luo. Based of the well communication will allow our internal organs have an dynamic balance. Once this communication has been interrupted , it would cause whole system crashed. 

For example : one day , Jon ate too much from the all you can eat bar, so his stomach and spleen(Earth) channel are too full, then it gives a lot of working load on large intestine(Metal). After the stool formed, Lung qi (Metal) will descend all the pressure down to help pushing the stool out. In hence, we will have our balance back to normal. But what if any communication between all this process has been interrupted, then we will have all kinds of dysfunction and damage coming up to us.

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